When you buy used forklift equipment, you enjoy the benefits of having a pre-owned machine. Buy used with confidence at RAKA. We can offer you:

  • Value: Buying used equipment is a cost-effective option for most businesses.
  • Warranty options: RAKA carries new and used forklift equipment with warranties to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Financing services: When you buy equipment from us, we help you find the right financing services for your situation.
  • Preventative maintenance programs: Our preventative maintenance programs catch small issues before they damage your machine. With preventative maintenance, you’ll have fewer costly repairs.
  • Insured equipment transportation: RAKA offers insurance on your equipment to ensure it ends up where it’s supposed to be.
  • And much more
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RAKA’s selection of used lift trucks and other equipment includes more manufacturers than our new models. Brands we offer exclusively used include:

  • Hyster
  • Clark
  • Yale
  • Nissan
  • Blue Giant
  • Barrett
  • Hubtex
  • Exide Batteries
  • Batt/Mate
  • Douglas Battery
  • Cascade

Our used equipment solutions are compatible with an array of industries, from warehouse management and packaging to food/beverage and retail. Each business has specific needs, and we want to help you find the lift truck that aligns with yours. Consider your business operations and keep these features in mind while you search:

  • Tires: Where will you use your forklift? If you’ll go outside or over uneven surfaces, pneumatic tires are best for you. If your machinery stays inside on solid flooring, cushion tires are ideal.
  • Size: What are the physical constraints of your business? If your lift truck has to fit through doorways, reach a certain height to lift merchandise or fit in a smaller space for storage, you’ll need to make sure the model you choose is capable of those requirements.
  • Power: How do you want to source your equipment’s power? RAKA sells gas, electric, manual and other models. Your choice determines what kind of additional cost will be attached to power your machine.
  • Function: What are you using your lift truck for? Putting away inventory, loading customers’ purchases and order picking are just some of the tasks you can use your machine for.

Two considerations for buying used equipment are:

  • Hours: The number of hours a machine has gives you the closest estimation of how much its previous owners used it.
  • Year: The year a manufacturer released a certain model tells you how old it is — but the model year isn’t necessarily indicative of how many hours are on it.


Choosing the right equipment for your business takes experience, and our sales team is qualified to help you find the perfect match. We’ll ask you questions like those above to learn more about your needs. Then, we’ll recommend a great used model for you.

Contact us online or call us at 402.279.4146 for more information about used commercial equipment.