At RAKA, we understand a safe business is a profitable business. That’s why RAKA offers a full line up of safety training to meet your needs and objectives. Safety training is a necessary part of business management, as it reduces injuries and accidents, minimizes risk for operator error, reduces costly damage to machines, satisfies regulatory requirements and gives you peace of mind knowing you’re doing what you can to keep your employees safe.


Businesses that operate forklifts are required to meet government regulations:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation 29CFR 1910.178specifies that employers must formally train, evaluate and periodically refresh all forklift operators on forklift competencies.
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulation B56.1 outlines best practices for forklift operation.

Under these regulations, lift truck safety training must be specific to the class and model of equipment your business operates. The training should include:

  • Formal instruction: Operators must participate in interactive learning sessions with an instructor, either in a classroom setting or through a virtual course.
  • Practical training: Employees must physically operate a forklift under instructor guidance and supervision.
  • Certification: Employees must be evaluated and certified in their ability to operate a forklift safely.
  • Refresher training: Employees must receive refresher training every few years to keep their skills sharp and ensure they stay up to date on all the latest forklift technologies and operating best practices.

Failure to adhere to OSHA and ANSI safety standards could result in significant monetary penalties and liability in the event of an accident.


In addition to OSHA and ANSI compliance, forklift safety training offers numerous benefits. By providing operators with proper training, you keep them and your job site safer. Proper forklift operation also keeps your machines running better for longer, increasing your productivity.

When lift truck operators undergo safety training, they are less likely to damage equipment. Their improved performance can save you money on maintenance costs and help prevent downtime. You may also save money on insurance, as many insurance companies offer discounts with proof of operator safety training.


RAKA provides comprehensive forklift safety training to keep your workplace safe and productive. We offer a range of services that can be customized to your specific needs, including:

  • Operator training for forklifts and aerial equipment
  • Train the Trainer services
  • On-site Training – We’ll come to your location or use our classrooms; whatever works for you.
  • Certification – RAKA training will ensure your employees receive the proper operation certification and meet OSHA and ANSI regulatory requirements
  • Custom Pricing Packages – Once we understand your needs, we’ll customize your proposal
  • Refresher Training – Keep your tenured employees safe and in compliance