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What You Need to Know About Renting a Submersible Pump

What you need to know about renting a submersible pump

Whether you’re a restoration and remediation expert, contractor, construction professional or in another sector, your business may need a submersible pump to extract water, slurries other liquids. Knowing what solutions are available can help you choose the best option for your needs.

What Is a Submersible Pump?

Submersible pumps are sealed so you can submerge them in water safely, without the liquid touching motor components. Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are highly efficient because they push water to the surface, using less energy than jet pumps that pull the liquids.

Submersible Pump Uses

ESPs have many uses and are available in various types for different needs. Common submersible pump applications include:

  • Irrigation: Submersible borehole pumps are a specific type of ESP used to supply water for farm or industrial irrigation systems.
  • Removing fluid from a space: If an area floods, remediation and restoration professionals may use submersible pumps to get water out of the basement, construction site or another space.
  • Well drilling: Submersible pumps can deliver water found underground to a work site, business, home or holding tank.
  • Oil wells: ESPs can move oil sourced underground from inland or offshore sources to holding or treatment facilities.

Tips for Renting a Submersible Pump

When renting a submersible pump, there are a few factors you may need to take into consideration:

  • Know how much water you need to move and how fast: A pump’s gallon per minute (GPM) spec indicates how much water will be pumped in a specific amount of time.
  • Consider the pump’s placement: The depth you need to pump from, the amount of pressure (measured in PSI) you need at the source and the volume of liquid you’ll determine what GPM and how much pressure your pump needs. 
  • Pump curves: Submersible pump manufacturers publish pump curves, which show where a pump will be most effective, based on horsepower, water depth and GPM to help you choose a solution.

Rent Your Submersible Pump Through RAKA

Whether you’re unsure which submersible pump you need for a specific job or want expert assistance reviewing your options, we can help. We have more than 40 years of experience and twenty locations to serve every need with over 5000 rental units. Our friendly team is always here to support you. If you need help renting the right ESP for your job, contact RAKA Rentals today.

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