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How Renting an Aerial Lift Can Help Your Business

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Using an aerial lift is beneficial for many tasks, from simple cleaning to regular maintenance work to complex repairs. Companies must often decide between completing these duties themselves or securing the services of an outside contractor. However, the benefits of renting an aerial lift over outsourcing these services can pay huge dividends over the long run. 

How a Business Benefits From an Aerial Lift

Working at heights is an essential part of normal operations for many companies, and some of these duties are just as important as the responsibilities on the ground floor. By having access to an aerial lift, you can secure several benefits for your business, including: 

  • Increased safety: A platform elevated with an aerial lift is much safer than working on a ladder with less stability.
  • Range of movement: If you’re limited to a ladder or a machine that moves in just one direction, an articulating aerial lift can open many new doors for work improvement and efficiency.
  • Cost savings: Instead of paying for a service, you can complete complex tasks independently, so long as you have certified workers to operate the equipment.
  • Product variation: By trying out different brands and models, you can decide which machine you want to commit to for the long run. 
  • Increased storage capacity: Instead of having wasted space in hard-to-reach areas, you can use a rented lift to store items that require limited access.
  • Stable foundation: The foundations of most industrial aerial lifts are safer and more secure than a ladder or portable lift.
  • Added versatility: Many aerial lifts can be used either indoors or outdoors for a variety of tasks.

How Owning an Aerial Lift Can Help Your Business

When a company needs to perform aerial tasks consistently over long periods, the benefits of buying a machine outright can often outweigh those of renting a piece of equipment. Another added advantage is that banks view purchased equipment as company assets, especially when determining the value of a business or considering collateral for a loan. An equipment purchase can also be used as a deduction when filing taxes.

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