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How You Can Help the Environment by Renting Construction Equipment

You probably already know that renting compact construction machinery can save you money, but there may be an advantage you weren’t aware of — eco-friendliness. If you’re wondering how renting equipment helps the environment, RAKA has the answers.

5 Environmental Benefits of Renting Equipment

The positive environmental impact of renting equipment is undeniable — here are just a few ways you can go greener while saving money with a rental.

1. Better Efficiency Decreases Fuel Consumption

Today’s construction professionals know precisely how much they’ve invested into their owned machinery. That knowledge can make them reluctant to have equipment sitting around idle, potentially setting up a situation where firms use the wrong asset to get the job done.

Matching the equipment to the application produces better efficiency and fuel consumption. Renting ensures you can always access the ideal solution — one designed for the job you need to do so it operates at its best.

2. Well-Maintained Equipment Means Lower Emissions

Rental companies know customers deserve and expect a great selection of models that work well. That means upkeep is a high priority. 

Rental equipment undergoes frequent and thorough inspections to keep it operational. Doing so ensures better performance and less downtime, translating to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

3. The Latest Technology Reduces Pollution and Waste

More current models of construction equipment offer features their predecessors didn’t. Electric-powered options exist to help reduce fuel use that contributes to air pollution.

Today’s compact equipment also includes intelligent components that maximize fuel economy or alert you to maintenance needs so you can correct issues before a breakdown, leading to fewer unnecessary repairs and replacements.

4. Reusing Equipment Contributes to a More Circular Economy

One pillar of a circular economy — one that contradicts the traditional “make-take-waste” linear model — is reuse. Sharing equipment through rental supports the shift away from conventional thinking.

Renting machinery means less need to consume resources to make more. It also extends an asset’s life span, allowing it to realize its maximum potential value by keeping it in use longer.

5. Rental Equipment Gets a Second Chance at Life

Another cornerstone of a more circular economy is an end-of-life plan. Once a piece of construction equipment retires from its work as a rental model, it often finds a new home in the secondary market. Plus, rental assets can be recycled or recovered, allowing them to continue their usefulness sustainably.

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You’ve seen how renting construction equipment helps the environment by conserving resources and reducing pollution and waste. Now, find the right solution for your projects in RAKA’s selection of rental equipment. For expert advice or to request a rental reservation, contact a team member online or call 888-404-RAKA.