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Construction Equipment Rentals for Snow Removal

Front-end loader pushing snow to clear off a parking lot.

Winter weather events quickly turn from magical wonderland to snow removal duty. As a construction, landscaping or property maintenance professional, you need the right machinery for the job. Count on RAKA for the area’s best selection of Cat® rental equipment for snow removal.

Types of Construction Snow Removal Equipment You Can Rent

RAKA carries a large inventory of machinery and attachments ideal for handling winter weather:

Skid Steer Loaders

Some snow removal jobs call for the ability to navigate tight spaces, which is where skid steers excel. These machines are easy to transport and have the maneuverability to relocate snow in smaller areas and on sidewalks. Attachments like pushes, blowers, brooms and plows make the skid steer a versatile piece of snow removal equipment.

Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loader is popular for extreme winter weather events because of its exceptional torque and versatility. These machines can easily remove, stack or load wet, heavy snow and slush. Their unique design allows users to do multiple jobs with this single piece of equipment.

Backhoe attachments useful for snow removal include various pushes, blowers, blades and sweepers.

Front-End Loaders

Front-end loaders, or wheel loaders as some call them, are a good choice for large areas and heavy, wet snow. They feature increased pushing power that makes it easy to clear commercial spaces and parking lots. Plus, they have ample lifting capability to create piles of snow for more efficient cleaning.

Wheel loaders readily accept attachments like blades and sweepers to move snow.

Compact Track Loaders

Like skid steers, compact track loaders (CTLs) are maneuverable and easy to transport. Their unique track-style propulsion method gives them a high level of ground contact, which can provide extra traction on snow and ice.

CTLs couple with useful attachments like blades, buckets, brooms and blowers.

Available Rental Attachments

Choosing the best attachment for your snow removal job is as important as choosing the right machine. RAKA has various rental attachments for our fleet of equipment, including:

  • Blowers for diverting light or loose snow.
  • Buckets for easier scooping and moving larger volumes.
  • Plows for high-efficiency removal — both V-shaped and straight styles are available.
  • Brooms for quickly sweeping away light, powdery snow.
  • Pushes for removing higher volumes and loose snow.
  • Blades for efficient scraping and pushing at an angle.

Rent Snow Removal Equipment at RAKA

From wheel loaders and skid steers to plows and buckets, RAKA has the machines and attachments you need to work through the winter. Search our entire construction rental equipment inventory online, or connect with a RAKA team member for advice. You can also request a rental by calling a specialist at 888-404-RAKA.