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4 Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment

benefits of renting construction equipment

If you’re weighing buying vs. renting a piece of equipment as a contractor or a construction business, consider your budget and operational needs. Renting machinery you don’t need to have on hand all the time has many practical and financial advantages.

Professionals working in the construction industry can rent or buy used or new equipment. While each has its benefits and drawbacks, renting construction equipment has several advantages. Renting your machinery may provide several benefits, including: 

1. Affordable Equipment

Renting equipment can keep overhead expenses lower than the costs of buying your own machinery outright. Additional room in your budget leaves more money for investment in other areas of your business. In almost all cases, it’s less expensive to rent than own, and there may be tax write-offs for your rentals that you may want to explore with your accountant. 

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2. Practical Solutions

If you accept a job that includes services most of your projects don’t require, you may need equipment for short-term use. If that’s the case, spending the money to buy specialized machinery may not make sense. With rentals, you have access to a wide range of construction equipment when you need it, so you always have the right solutions for a job. 

3. Access to Newer Equipment

When you buy construction equipment, your budget may limit your options to older, used equipment. Beyond providing affordable agreements, construction equipment rental companies update their offerings regularly, giving you access to equipment with the right safety features and newer technology. 

4. Hands-Off Maintenance and Management

One of the most significant benefits of equipment rental is relying on your provider for repairs, long-term storage, inspections, equipment transportation and generally taking care of the equipment. With rentals, you can simply access the equipment when you need it, and it’s ready to go without your company spending extra time, resources and money to take care of it.

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