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5 Examples of Community Emergencies and How You Can Prepare for Them

Examples of Community Emergencies and How-You-Can Prepare for Them

We see examples of community emergencies in the news every day, from storms to pandemics to fires. In these situations, emergency preparedness is essential for keeping you and others safe.

Self-reliance is vital when a large-scale disaster affects an entire community since emergency services can become overwhelmed. Fortunately, preparing a few steps ahead of time can help. Consider these emergency situation examples and preparedness tips.

1. Storms

Be prepared for tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards and other weather with a generator and reliable heating. Stock emergency supplies, including food, bottled water and a first aid kit. Sheets of plywood and rope help you secure windows, doors and other parts of your property in advance.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a big storm, you can count on our team for power generators, earthmoving equipment and other rentals you need to get the job done.

2. Chemical Spills

If commercial trucks crash or an industrial site experiences a spill, an entire area may need to evacuate while professional contractors mitigate chemicals.

You can prepare for spills with an emergency bag ready. This bag should contain copies of important documents, clothing and other items you may need to leave for a few days. An emergency bag helps you get out quickly if your area is evacuated. 

extreme heat waves

3. Extreme Heat Waves

Preparing for extreme heat waves includes having a good air conditioning system and a backup power source. Keep extra bottled water and electrolyte drinks on hand to reduce the risk of dehydration while staying indoors during a heat wave. 

You also need to keep staff and your company safe. Health care organizations, for example, need to keep patients comfortable. If you’re in construction, you need to limit exposure for workers. Consider renting equipment like HVAC systems and power generators to keep everyone cool. 

4. Earthquakes

Identify safe places in residential and workspaces where you can seek shelter during an earthquake. You can also work with a structural integrity engineer to ensure your home or business is built to code for earthquake safety. 

5. Wildfires

Prepare for wildfires with an air quality monitoring system and pack a bag in case spreading fires necessitate evacuating quickly.

Contractors and remediation or restoration professionals cleaning damage and debris after a fire require heavy equipment, including earthmoving machinery. RAKA has a full range of quality equipment for your toughest jobs. 

Preparedness Saves Lives

Know where to find the equipment rentals you need for emergency cleanup. With over 40 years of experience, RAKA delivers the solutions you need when you need them. Contact us today if you have questions or rent online.