A pallet jack is a common sight in most factories and warehouses. This versatile piece of equipment makes it easy to move pallets around. At Raka Material Handling, we carry a variety of pallet jacks each designed with a specific purpose.


Warehouses and similar operations have unique characteristics and equally as unique equipment needs. At RAKA, we meet the needs of warehouse clients and others by delivering the biggest and best selection of high-quality equipment in Nebraska and throughout the Upper Midwest.

In our selection, you’ll find the various types of pallet jack rentals listed above and more options within each distinct category. As a bonus, we stock many pallet jacks for rent. When you need to rent pallet jacks for a given number of days, weeks or months, we have the options and inventory to accommodate your rental needs. Make sure you enjoy access to the best selection possible when you choose RAKA for pallet jack rentals in Omaha and throughout Nebraska.



jh pallet jack being used in a warehouse

If you need temporary use of a pallet jack or of a specific model for a new or increased workload, we invite you to take a look at the different models we have available:

  • Manual Pallet Jacks: This ‘standard’ model is the most common. The versatile manual pallet jack allows you to quickly raise, transport and lower your pallet loads. Our manual models are easy to use and allow for turning and positioning even in tight spaces and feature clear, simply controls.
  • Walkie Stacker Pallet Jacks: If you are looking to stack pallets, you’ll need a walkie stacker model. Manual models don’t allow you to stack, whereas a walkie stacker gives you the flexibility to pick and place from the floor, a shelf or in a stack. We carry manual and electric versions, depending on your requirements.
  • Electric Walk-Behind Pallet Jacks: For frequent pallet movement, heavy loads or long distances, an electric walk-behind pallet jack is an added convenience. It reduces operator fatigue and allows for stacking and picking in a stack or on a shelf. Their tight turning radius makes them suitable for tight spaces.
  • Electric Rider Pallet Jacks: Electric rider pallet jacks provide a platform for the operator to ride along. These are ideal for transportation of pallets between a warehouse and production floor, where manual and walk-behind models would be tiring. Our electric rider models are available in a variety of load ratings.

Don’t handicap your warehouse and material handling functions with the wrong pallet jack. Check out all of our models available and compare the various features. We’ll give you a free quote and help you arrange for your rental dates and duration.


jh ecr327 walkie and rider for use in a warehouse

Some rental companies try to get away with investing in off-brand equipment to save a few bucks. But there’s no replacement for quality, which is why the team at RAKA only invests in the best rental equipment. There’s a huge difference between well-known brands with long records of delivering equipment that performs and lesser-known brands you’ve never heard of. When you choose RAKA, you’ll find rental equipment from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Caterpillar®
  • Mitsubishi
  • Jungheinrich
  • Taylor Big Red
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Big Joe
  • Warehouse Equipment

The same holds true for our selection of pallet jacks for rent — you’ll only find high-quality equipment from well-known brands. We want every one of our clients to count on quality, durability and performance when they choose RAKA to rent pallet jacks and other types of equipment. The only way to follow through on that commitment is by investing in the best of the best.



Where will you turn when you need to rent pallet jacks and other equipment in Nebraska and throughout the Upper Midwest? At RAKA, we are your best option for rental equipment — plus much more.

We also offer a huge selection of equipment to purchase. Just like our rental equipment, you’ll only find products from leading, trusted manufacturers when you browse through our selection.

After you purchase your equipment, you can also count on RAKA for industry-leading repair and maintenance services. We can work on equipment of any make or model, and our team is adept at quickly diagnosing issues you’re experiencing and making expert recommendations for how to proceed. Each of our locations stocks a full line of OEM and aftermarket repair and maintenance parts and accessories. That allows us to take care of your needs as efficiently as possible — letting you get back to work so you can use your equipment to enhance productivity.

When you need a one-stop-shop for all your equipment needs, you’ve found it. For pallet jack rentals and so much more, trust the team, selection and service at RAKA.


As a leading forklift supplier, our entire team here at Raka Material Handling works hard to meet your pallet jack rental needs. All of our equipment is inspected and serviced between rentals, so it’s ready to go when you need it. Give us a call today, and we’ll answer any questions you have and help you find the right pallet jack that will allow you to make quick work of your material handling tasks.