Whether you own one material handling lift truck or several fleets in various locations, RAKA is here to help you get the most out of your equipment at the lowest cost. Our Customer Service Agreements (CSAs) for material handling lift trucks will allow you to make the most of your equipment with lift truck maintenance.

A great machine will get you far, but without forklift repair and service when you need it, the high performance and productivity of your piece can’t last forever. Count on RAKA for reliable service options for any make an model you own. No matter your fleet size or budget, we’ll find a solution for you that eliminates downtime and boosts your job completion rate.


When you choose RAKA, our top priority becomes protecting your fleet or any material handling equipment you’ve put under our services. The options we offer can suit any maintenance and budgetary requirements you might have. They include:

  • Battery maintenance
  • Fluid analysis
  • Mobile tire press
  • Fleet management
  • In-store or on-site service
  • Service packages gold, silver and bronze

The exact specifications of your service package will depend on your unique budget and requirements. If you prefer to make some repairs or cover specific maintenance tasks on your own, we can tailor a program to suit exactly what you need us to do and allow you to handle the rest. If you prefer expert technicians to manage your equipment entirely so you can focus on your best business skills, we can take care of that, too.


To stay as productive as possible with minimal downtime, pair our complete repair services with planned maintenance schedules. Our TM&R package keeps your material handling heavy equipment in peak condition for a fixed monthly rate that helps lower your operating costs. Benefits include:

  • Emergency repairs being taken care of promptly and correctly
  • On-site work tailored to you and your business’s needs during regular business hours
  • Fixed, known costs for the length of our contract, so you can budget reliably
  • Forklift equipment preventative maintenance service at scheduled, regular intervals
  • Reduction of the need for you to have costly tools, parts inventories and emergency equipment


You don’t want your material handling equipment sitting in the shop more hours than it’s working for your business — or any hours at all if you can avoid it. Let us help you get ahead of problems before they start with our forklift planned maintenance program. We base your individualized plan on your unique production needs, beginning with an evaluation of your operations. We consider the following before proposing a lift truck maintenance plan:

  • Number of hours lift truck is run
  • Current maintenance practices for the machine
  • How your application makes use of the lift truck

Once we complete our evaluation and have an idea of the best maintenance schedule for your needs, we’ll get to work presenting it to you and ensuring longer-lasting equipment and greater future trade-in value.