The manufacturing industry presents many challenges no matter what products are being produced whether it be computer hardware, airplanes, automobiles, medical products, steel or household goods.

To overcome these challenges you need a complete product line that meets the individual needs of each section of the factory whether it be an order picker, and electric fork lift or a high capacity IC lift truck. Manufacturer’s need to consider run time per battery charge – if using electric – in addition to comfort, ergonomics and ability to move smoothly across spacious facilities.

Your manufacturing operation may need a mix of man-up turret trucks, three-wheel electric counterbalance lift trucks, tow tractors, four-wheel electric pneumatic forklifts, walkie pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, high-level order pickers, stand-up end controls, and pantograph reach trucks.

RAKA’s full line of equipment will serve every aspect of your manufacturing space.



Whether you need new, used or rental manufacturing machinery, RAKA has you covered with our large selection of high-quality equipment. Our inventory includes:

  • Forklifts: Forklifts are essential for quickly and easily moving materials around your manufacturing site. Choose from diesel-, gas- and electric-powered options to safely and smoothly tackle a wide variety of tasks.
  • Order pickers: Order pickers are ideal for applications that require high racking and narrow aisle maneuvering, as they allow users to reach places that would normally be inaccessible.
  • Pallet trucks: With pedestrian, sit-on, walk-on and platform options, pallet trucks can be used for all types of warehouse transport tasks.

From Jungheinrich to Cat Lift Trucks to Mitsubishi, we carry manufacturing equipment from industry-leading brands offering superior durability and reliability. With versatile functionality, these machines will let you get more done faster and better.



At RAKA, we know you need a partner who provides more than just equipment. That’s why we offer comprehensive support services. We’ll help you find the right machines and keep them running in top condition, giving you access to enhanced efficiency and longer equipment lifespans.

With our exceptional 24-hour parts availability, you’ll have access to OEM and aftermarket parts from top brands. You can trust that any replacements from us are high-quality and cost-effective.

We also provide planned maintenance services to help you stay on top of your equipment’s health. Our skilled technicians know exactly what to look for and can make small fixes and adjustments that will go a long way toward keeping your machine in top condition. In the event of an emergency repair, our field technicians can provide on-site services to minimize your downtime.

If you’re just beginning your product search and aren’t sure how to proceed, you can get in touch with our expert sales team for assistance in selecting the best equipment for your specific requirements.


Our goal is to make our equipment as accessible as possible, which is why we offer new and used machines for purchase and rent.

If you decide to buy equipment, we have several different financing options you can choose from, allowing you to purchase the ideal solution while still working within your budget. All of our machines are also competitively priced, so you can save on costs without sacrificing quality.

If you decide to rent, we’ll provide affordable rates and flexible terms. You can rent equipment for a day, a week, a month or longer, and we can adjust the rental period with the changing needs of your operation.

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RAKA is a reliable partner with more than 50 years of experience providing customers in the upper Midwest with the exceptional manufacturing products and services they require. Whether you need help finding a specific machine or just caring for one, RAKA can get the job done.

Choose us for our large selection of high-quality products, support services and financing solutions for an unbeatable full-service experience. Browse our inventory of manufacturing equipment or contact us today to learn more about a specific machine or ask any questions you have.