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3708 Arch Ave.
Grand Island , NE 68803


(402) 845-6450


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Aerial Work Platforms

Whether you need jobsite standards such as Boom Lifts and Scissor lifts, or Electric Single Man Push Arounds and Vertical Lifts, RAKA Rentals inventory and cost-effective solutions are designed to maximize your productivity while minimizing your costs.

Boom Lift

Boom Lift 120′ Standard
Boom Lift 125′ Standard
Boom Lift 135′ Articulated
Boom Lift 135′ Standard
Boom Lift 150′ Standard
Boom Lift 180′ Standard
Boom Lift 30′ Electric Articulated
Boom Lift 35′ Towable Articulated
Boom Lift 40′ Electric Articulated
Boom Lift 40′ Standard
Boom Lift 45′ Articulated
Boom Lift 45′ Articulated Dual Fuel
Boom Lift 45′ Electric Articulated
Boom Lift 45′ Standard
Boom Lift 50′ Towable Articulated
Boom Lift 60′ Articulated
Boom Lift 60′ Standard
Boom Lift 66′ Standard
Boom Lift 80′ Articulated
Boom Lift 80′ Standard
Boom Lift 85′ Standard

Push Around Lift

Single Man 25′ Push Around Lift
Single Man 30′ Push Around Lift
Single Man 36′ Push Around Lift
Single Man 41′ Push Around Lift

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift 14′ Electric Leak Guard
Scissor Lift 19′ Electric
Scissor Lift 19′ Electric Leak Guard
Scissor Lift 20′ Electric
Scissor Lift 26′ Electric
Scissor Lift 26′ Rough Terrain
Scissor Lift 26′ Rough Terrain Dual Fuel
Scissor Lift 26′ Rough Terrain Out Rigger
Scissor Lift 31′-33′ Rough Terrain
Scissor Lift 32′ Electric Narrow
Scissor Lift 32′ Electric Wide Leak Guard
Scissor Lift 40′ Electric
Scissor Lift 41′ – 43′ Rough Terrain
Scissor Lift 43′ Rough Terrain
Scissor Lift 50′ Rough Terrain

Vertical Lift

Scissor Lift 13′ Electric
Single Man 15′ Vertical Lift
Single Man 20′ Vertical Lift


From electric, dual fuel and diesel configurations, look to RAKA Rentals for a full range of lift trucks from the top OEMs. RAKA carries an impressive rental inventory that covers Narrow Aisle, Turret Trucks, Walkies and much more. RAKA has the right solutions to maintain your uptime.


15 Ton Carry Deck Crane
4 Ton Carry Deck Crane

Material Lift

18′ Material Lift 250 Lbs. Capacity
24′ Material Lift 400-650 Lbs. Capacity

Reach Forklift

Telehandler 10,000 Lbs. 45′ Reach
Telehandler 12,000 Lbs. 55′ Reach
Telehandler 15,000 Lbs. 44′ Reach
Telehandler 16,000 Lbs. 42′ Reach
Telehandler 5,000 Lbs. 19′ Reach
Telehandler 6,000 Lbs. 42′ Reach
Telehandler 7,000 Lbs. 42′ Reach
Telehandler 8,000 Lbs. 42′ Reach
Telehandler 9,000 Lbs. 43′ Reach

Warehouse Forklift

Forklift Pnu 5000#
Forklift Pnu 6000#

General Equipment

Take your pick from a full range of power generators, light towers, air compressors, pumps, temperature control & large selection of tools. Rely on RAKA Rentals for the right tool, at the right price, at the right time.

Air Compressor

100-200 HP Air Compressor Electric Oil Free
200 HP Air Compressor Electric Oil Free
900 HP Air Compressor Electric Oil Free
Air Compressor 1150/900 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 1300 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 1600 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 185 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 375 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 425 CFM Diesel
Air Compressor 900 CFM Diesel


Material Handling Arm
Telehandler Bale Spear
Telehandler Bucket
Telehandler Grapple Bucket
Telehandler Platform
Telehandler Trus Boom


Walk Behind Roller 24″ – 33″


1 Million BTU Tow Behind Heater
125,000 Btu Heater
150,000 Btu Heater
Air Compressor Dryer 1550 CFM
Air Conditioner 1 Ton
Air Conditioner 20 Ton
Air Conditioner 30 Ton
Air Conditioner 5 Ton
Air Dryer
Air Dryer 1000 CFM
Air Dryer 400 CFM
Chiller 125 Ton
Chiller 230 Ton
Chiller 300 Ton
Chiller 400 Ton
Chiller 56 Ton
Ground Thaw Heater 12,000 Sq. Ft.
Ground Thaw Heater 3,000 Sq. Ft.
Ground Thaw Heater 6,000 Sq. Ft.
Heater Direct Fire 2 Million BTU
Heater Direct Fire 700 BTU
Heater Electric 15 Kw
Heater Electric 150 Kw
Indirect Fire Heater 500,000 BTU
Make-Up Heater 600,000 BTU
Porta Cooler

Light Towers

Towable Light Tower Halogen
Towable Light Tower LED
Towable Light Tower LED Diffused


12 Yard Rock Box
5 Yard Rock Box
500gal Water Trailer
7.5 Yard Rock Box
9 Yard Rock Box
Air Chipping Hammer
Air Rockdrill
Air Tamper
Auger One Man Gas
Auger Two Man Gas
Breaker 30lb
Breaker 60lb
Plate Compactor
Plate Compactor 3750
Pressure Washer Cold 3000# Electric
Pressure Washer Cold 3000# Gas
Pressure Washers Hot 1000# Gas
Rammer Compactor
Ride On Trencher
Ride-On Sweeper Four Wheel
Ride-On Sweeper Three Wheel
Small Garden Tiller
Stump Grinder
Walk Behind Aerator
Walk Behind Brush Cutter
Walk Behind Trencher
Wood Chipper 6″

Power Generation

Generator 100 Kw
Generator 1000 KW
Generator 175 Kw
Generator 20 Kw
Generator 2000 KW
Generator 230 Kw
Generator 30 Kw
Generator 300 Kw
Generator 3500 W
Generator 400 Kw
Generator 45kw
Generator 500 Kw
Generator 5000 W
Generator 60 Kw
Generator 600 Kw
Generator 6000 W
Generator 70kw
Generator 80 Kw
Generator 800 Kw


4″ HYD. Submersible Pump
6″ Electric Trash Sub Pump
6″ HYD. Submersible Pump
Hi Lift Pump 4″x 3″ Godwin
High Lift Dewatering Pump 8″x6″ Godwin
Hydraulic Submersible Pump Power Pack
Pump 8″x6″ Hi Lift Sykes
Submersible Pump 2in Electric
Submersible Pump 3in Electric
Submersible Pump 4in Electric
Trash Pump 12″ Diesel
Trash Pump 2in Gas
Trash Pump 3in Gas
Trash Pump 4″ Diesel
Trash Pump 6″ Diesel
Trash Pump 8″ Diesel


Dump Trailer 12′
Scissor Trailer
Tilt Bed Trailer 12′
Utility Trailer 6′

Utility Vehicles

Burden / Personnel Carrier
Ranger 900 Diesel Cab
UTV Four Seat Diesel
UTV Four Seat Diesel with Cab
UTV Four Seat Gas
UTV Four Seat Gas with Cab
UTV Two Seat Diesel
UTV Two Seat Diesel with Cab
UTV Two Seat Gas
UTV Two Seat Gas with Cab


4 Pack Welder
Towable Welder 300 Amp Diesel
Towable Welder 400 Amp Diesel

Worksite Trucks

5-6 Yard Dump Truck
Water Truck 2000 Gallon
Water Truck 4000 Gallon